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We Love How Different And Similar All Of You Are

When we look at all the great food people and companies we've worked with, we notice two things. First, that they are all so different. Some are large international brands, and others are small but important local favorites. Some of our clients produce food in mass quantities, and others in small hand-made portions.

But the second thing we notice is that, really, they are all very much the same. Every single one of them has a passion for what they do in the food business.

These differences, and similarities, inspire us. Inspires us to help you communicate your brand and vision to the world. Or maybe, just to your neighborhood.

we love our clients!  (can we add you to our wall?)

Re-Branding for national expansion

We were brought in by Grey Advertising to start work on the branding and "look" for a new Italian restaurant. We worked on concepting ideas, and a bit later were told the final name would be "Olive Garden", and that it was slated to be a national chain.

We worked on a wide range of design, including advertising, marketing materials, and even created the art for the menus. Oddly, it was years before we came upon the opportunity to dine in one of them.

Can we help you open a major international family restaurant chain?


upgrading the classic NY diner

We all know and love a classic NY diner. But diners, like this one dating back to the 1970's, are having a harder time in this market. So to ensure customer interest and higher checks, coffee shops have become  coffee lounges, and diners become cafes.

We designed an attractive new logo that highlights the great location/name, and it's new status as cafe. We then went on to photograph the food and make it delicious. And then designed a killer website that would promote the fresh/clean menu, online sales, and the cafe's appeal.

Can we help you breath new life into a New York classic?


out of home (OOH) billboard campaign

Food Media was brought in by legendary advertising agency Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB) to help concept, design and produce the ad and special effect imagery for this eye-catching ad campaign.

The origin of the concept came from a spiral sippy-straw our Lance Evans had seen (he had a toddler at the time). Building on that core, he created a range of 6 images for the campaign, using high-end 3D tools. The one shown here being his favorite of the series.

Can we help create eye-catching advertising for your national brand?


re-branding a neighborhood institution

BagelWorks is one of our growing list of very important smaller brands. We came in to help this 30 year old company better compete in this tougher new market. We started by helping to define their market and competition, designing a striking new logo (which helps with online branding and sales), built them a website (their own, not Seamless), built their own online delivery store, and designed a range of marketing promotions.

We helped find marketing that fit their style. Along the way we provided in-studio and on-location photography, and concepted an economical face-lift for the old storefront.

Can we do some of this for your business?


creating online branding & social media

While Dunkin' Donuts had been huge for decades, they were losing ground in the under 30 market and looking for ways to boost awareness and enhance branding. We were brought in by their ad agency to design a promotion. This included, in part, designing and producing a "casual" game that Dunkin' could give away. We developed a digital Tic-Tac-Toe game that was just what they were looking for.

(As a side note, this project arose through an account exec familiar with the huge online success we had on a similar project for Trojan Condoms, and other for American Express.)

Can we build a super successful online social media gizmo for your international coffee shop?


an advertising legend:   "where's the beef?"

You may know Wendy's today, but when our Senior Partner Ben Colarossi took on their account, it was still a mid-sized regional chain. Ben worked with Dave Thomas to grow it into a national restaurant. He brought their advertising to television with the successful "You're Wendy's Kind of People" campaign.

Ben was also the originator of the line "Where's the Beef?", which began life as "Where's the fresh beef?" and evolved in later TV spots. He also helped convince Dave to become his own spokesman, which he later did successfully for years. Both suggestions can be seen here in this early art-comp from Ben to Dave, circa 1982.

Can we craft a TV ad campaign for your fast food chain?


sherwood brand – packaging design

A fast growing brand, Sherwood is known for their chocolate bars, chocolate truffles, wafer rolls, butter cookies, butterfly pastries.

We worked with them on a new line of candies, including a line of lolly pops. Until that time the pops had been generic, with no branding and a "no-frills" packaging. After we were brought in the product name was changed to "CIRCUS POPS", which lead to us designing the entire line of five flavors using a classic circus motif. See all variations below, and a segment of a point-of-purchase sign.

Can we help you design, package and market a line of food products?


visual branding & marketing tools

Big brands are hungry beasts. It takes constant efforts to build a big brand, and to keep it high-profile. Absolut has always been a brand that understands that, and has always actively looked for ways to grab consumer attentions.

We got to work with Absolut on a range of projects that involved everything from producing stylized imagery of their bottles, to posters and collateral materials like an innovative bar-book that looked great and grabbed attention.

So yeah, can we help market your top-flight Swedish alcohol beverage, too?



For about 3 years, we took over all design and production of NEWLIFE Magazine, the largest health oriented magazine in the Northeast market. It reached its peak circulation--a quarter million readers--during our tenure.

Our Lance Evans was acting editor, art director, and contributing writer. We created all of the editorial art and photography, revolving around food and nutrition.

We launched the original NEWLIFE EXPO events, which are now held across the US. We handled the advertising, catalogs, event signage, speaker planning, and more.

Can we publish a magazine or launch a national expo for you?


i can't believe it's not butter – advertising design

Food Media was brought in to work on a major new branding campaign for the 40-year old Unilever product, "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" product.

The campaign, entitled "There's a bread for that" was used to highlight the product's pairing with all kinds of breads, and the duo's ubiquity for any situation. This paralleled Unilever's rollout of vegan and organic versions of the product line.

Food marketing is about communicating that warm and fuzzy feeling to your market.


lucky strike cigarettes – branding design

While we are not trying to pass ciggs off as food (or even a healthy lifestyle choice), they do go in one's mouth and are consumed. And Lucky was a client we got to do some excellent work for over the course of a few years.

Our tenure with the product started about the time stiff restrictions were being placed on cigarette advertising, when only imagery was allowed. We produced a series of powerful branding images that were run in a wide range of markets over an extended period.

Can Food Media produce a kicking branding campaign for your product line?


paseo pop – advertising & branding design

Paseo POP, a line of beverages targeting the youth and active markets (though not a "sports" drink). Food Media was brought in to help design the packaging, and branding.

Using advanced CAD tools, we designed the "Twisted Bottle", providing a final digital 3D file to the mold-makers. Soon after, we began creating the eye-popping images used in the advertising.

Can Food Media help create retail product design and branding for your new product?




pure leaf tea – advertising design & illustration

Food Media designed a series of advertising layouts, of which one is shown below. The illustrations in the ads were also created right in-house, by us. The client was UNILEVER.

We'd love to do your advertisements as well. What do you have cooking?



As marketing geniuses, we're always looking for ways to bring our client's brand image to new heights. For some top-shelf brands we developed engaging limited edition Fine Art print series to help underscore the product's high quality. All editions were printed on art paper using serigraphy or giclee techniques, hand signed and numbered.

On the left is a portrait of society host and Town & Country Magazine's Man of the Year, George-Paul Rossel. This was used for the opening night invitation to THE LATIN QUARTER NIGHTCLUB. The promotion was written up in PAGE SIX and other publications.

The label from a MOËT & CHANDON bottle was produced for a promotional campaign, using elegant gold and copper metallic inks.

On the right, one of a series of flower images produced for the upscale light-fair chain FLEUR-DE-LIS.

So, can we upgrade your brand image with a Fine Art Print series?




The Miller Beer team brought us in to help with a broad effort in packaging concept work. This kicked off what became a multi-year relationship with Miller Brewing. It went from over a year of packaging design, to producing the 3D can mockups you see below. This went to test marketing with focus groups across the US.

On the left you see one of the images we produced for Miller's “Caps Races” campaign. This was used as illustrations for print media. But we later turned it into an animation that was mostly used on the large Jumbotron screens at sporting events.

Can we produce package design, 3D mock-ups and big screen animations for your brand?



General electric appliances / haier electronics

The Haier Electronics company, based in China, rocked the industry by taking over General Electric's entire GE APPLIANCES DIVISION, the makers of home and industrial kitchen products.

The Food Media team was brought in to handle all of the broadcast and print marketing material, producing all of the video and photography used for the international roll-out.

We spent a full week traveling with Haier's core marketing team on their multi-city tour. We worked directly with Haier & GE Appliance CEO Zhang Ruimin, producing portraits and documenting his meetings at institutions like the United Nations and Harvard Business School.

Can we help you with the acquisition marketing for an international appliance division?


Food Media was brought in by the owners of the Bagel Dish in NJ to help create a brand that would attract both retail customers, as well as potential franchisees. We worked to create their brand look, and developed a compelling advertising campaign that kept everyone laughing. And buying product!

A second store, also in NJ, was opened within a short time, and then franchising began. By the time the chain was sold, it had affiliate stores as far flung as Massachusetts, Florida and California.

We'd love to do your branding / advertising. How many stores would you like to be franchising?


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