just $59/month. flat.

( What a Deal! )

Yes, You Read That Right. JUST $59 PER MONTH.

Choose our "Short Stack" service for the core services you need. Need a website and hosting? Add those for just a few dollars more per month with our "Grande" service. Our "Pro Delivery" service adds even more, including monthly analytics, free monthly marketing consults, and a steep discount on other Food Media services.

There are no hidden costs, additional fees or charges from us. We like to keep it simple. Any credit card fees are between you and your bank, but we'll help you keep them low.

Compare Our Offering To What you Pay Now.

Here is a chart that compares what you are likely paying now, to what you could be paying with our service. Keep in mind that it's a bit of comparing apples and oranges. They offer things we don't, and we offer many channels of marketing that they don't.

Ideally, we think most restaurants will want to keep both services. Theirs to bring in new customers, and ours to keep them.

One restaurateur said it best in his online blog:

"My stomach turns every time I open my Grubhub bill. I realize I agreed to pay 12.5% as Grubhub’s commission, but after looking at my bill, I now realize the actual rate is much higher.

Grubhub also takes their commission on the delivery charge of the order. For an order that runs $20 (including tax and delivery), the effective rate is an almost a whopping 15%.

Add in their credit card processing rate (3.05%+ $.30 per transaction), and the charge to process a $15.52 sale is over 20%. For all intents and purposes, I am losing money on Grubhub orders."

                                                                                                 - David


Food media's


on your restaurant's

delivery orders


on your restaurant's

delivery orders


 Just because you're in the take-out business,

Doesn't mean you should get taken.

Take back your online business


Take back your online business


The restaurant and food delivery business has changed overnight. New online marketing companies have invaded the space and taken over. Leaving little in your pocket.


Delivery aggregators like Seamless and Grubhub, and the daily-deal platforms like Groupon and Living Social are great at bringing in new business. But with what they charge you, your meals end up becoming "loss leaders" rather than streams of new profit.


There's An Alternative

As a business owner, it's your job to convert meal buyers into profitable  and repeat customers. And to promote a sustainable business.

Food Media can help you do that in many ways.


ZERO PERCENT FEES On Every Delivery Order.

YES, you read that right. Right now you may be paying 12-15% on every order to some marketing company. Say goodbye to that and pay zero percent.

Immediate Payments To Your Bank Account.

Get your money immediately, no more waiting weeks or a month. We want to be your marketing and web-services company. We don't want to run your company. All credit card payments go directly to your own merchant account, not ours.

No Credit Card Charges From Us. 

Since we don't control your credit card payments or merchant accounts, we don't charge you any fees for it. You pay whichever bank you choose. Odds are, it will cost you a lot less than whatever you now pay.

No More Monthly "Advertising Fees".

Some of you have been paying a monthly "advertising" fees of $150-250. We think this is odd, since these services are only advertising themselves. Besides, wasn't advertising their end of the agreement anyway? Any advertising fees you pay us are optional, and only for advertising that is for your specific business.

Beautiful Online Menus Branded To You.

Go to one of the hubs and the menus look nice. But go to a website they created for you and the menus look pretty bad, right? We will put great looking and versatile menus right on your own website. Your customers will love them!

Receive Food Orders On Any Mobile Device.

No special machines are needed. Any tablet or even a smartphone will take your customer's orders, either Android or iOS. An order comes in, tap "Accept" and give an estimate for delivery. Your customer is then notified. Logs are available, and data can be printed.

Get Full Customer Analytics:  INCLUDED FREE*

Analytics are the inside scoop on your customers, and on how well your website is doing for your business. This is important and needed to grow your online food sales. And we include all of this at no additional charge. We'll even help you understand it!

Website, Hosting & Webmastering: INCLUDED FREE*

Let Food Media provide your knockout website, FOR FREE! One that draws in new customers, and retains existing ones.

Food is the most brand-sensitive product out there. Nobody buys food from ugly restaurants, or ugly websites.

Food Media's TAKE-OUT restaurants get a gorgeous free responsive web-page site that will look great on every device.



Point Of Purchase Retail Signage:  FREE*

Food Media will help you get the word out. We'll include
free window signs letting your customers know they can
ORDER DIRECT. These will kick off your marketing.

Then you can continue re-enforcing the message
on promo cards, shop signs and check-out reminders.
Talk to us, we're happy to help.


Let the world's largest social network promote your food services, we can put your menu right on your Facebook page! Viewers can learn about your delicious food, then instantly place an order.

Also talk to us about producing and managing your Facebook, Twitter and blog accounts.


* Included items vary based on package purchased. See options below for full list.

contact us today



Call us at 646-941-1111 or use the form below.

Say hello, and learn more about the ways
Food Media can grow your business. Feel free to pick our brains!

We offer a FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION, during which
we will talk all about marketing and growing your business!





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* Bring Your Own Website (BYOW):   While we would love to create your business-building website for you, we understand that some companies already have one they like. We are happy to let you BYOW, but need you to understand that not every website integrates with every server the same way, or has the same technical requirements. We can not reconfigure our servers to accommodate conflicting technical needs. We also cannot accept sites that create a unique drain on server resources or bandwidth.

In addition, we will need to make modifications to an existing website in order to integrate our menu and the merchant payment systems. Therefor, there is a one time non-refundable set-up fee of $299 for installation onto our servers, and connection to the menus, for any site that was not built by Food Media. This covers 2-hours of integration time. We are unable to guarantee any level of functionality for a website that was not produced by us. Additional hours to resolve technical issues are billed at $75/hour.

Build Your Own Online Take-Out Business

In the kitchen all day? Download our brochure
in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and print it out.

Download it now, and pass it to a friend!

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Let's Grow Your Business Together:

Choose the Online Ordering that Fits Your Needs.

We know every restaurant has different needs. So Food Media offers three tiered choices to let you get the services you need.

Our "Short Shot" entry package is so affordable we have street vendors using it. Most restaurants will jump right to our "Double-Shot" to give you all the tools you will want for marketing a serious food business. Our "Triple-Shot" pro service adds important high-end capabilities for restaurants serious about marketing.


This is the feature-packed
entry level service, with all the
core features you need:


Beautiful responsive menu design

ZERO percentage charges

Money goes directly to your bank

Money isn't held for weeks

No credit card charges from us

Use your choice of merchant account

Cash payments accepted

Take orders from your website

Receive orders on any mobile device

One hour menu set-up included





Add all of these features to get the most powerful and cost effective package available:


FREE WEBSITE (A $400+ value)

Food Media will provide you with a beautiful responsive website viewable on all desktop and mobile platforms.

We'll purchase a domain (com/net/org)

of your choosing, based on availability.

We'll set up all DNS and nameservers

We will set up and host your new

site on our fast servers

We include monthly hosting

We provide all Webmaster services




This top-tier package includes the more sophisticated tools needed by the restaurateur looking to make significant growth:


Monthly Analytics

Free Marketing Meetings

Seven-day tech support

Retail Window Promo Signage

Full menu set-up included

20% Off Food Media Services
(Purchased withing 30 days.)








(Based on payment of annual fee in advance.)

Creative Marketing & Food Tech

Sell more food. Make more money.


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